EduPOSH Benefits

Variety of Topics

Variety of Programs to choose from based on various topics. Calendar of Programs available.

Easy Access to Programs

One click of a button to your profile and you will be able access to the entire list of programs immediately.

Being a Part of the Solution

You can be part of Panel Discussions on Topics that interest you. You can host discussions, share queries & concerns etc. You can also learn about best practices keeping the Law in mind.

Advance Blocking of Calendar

As the Calendar is already ready, you can plan you calendar in advance using features of this platform & choosing the topics that interest you.

Providing a Strong Network

With 400+ clients PAN India from various sectors & 2,000+ IC & other members who assist in effective implementation of POSH Law, you will have a strong network of peers for guidance & support. PLEASE NOTE, we shall not publish your contact details without consent.

Sharing of Knowledge & Experience

The idea behind creating this community is to also be able to exchange the rich information, knowledge and experience which could be industry specific or general and this could help in resolving different practical challenges.

Access to Video Recordings

In case you have not been able to attend any meeting, you will be able to watch recordings of the same easily on the platform.

Access to Other Content & Support

We create newsletters, blogs, articles and provide updates on government notifications, case laws etc. too. You will have complete access to these. We will also be available to support with your queries.

Who is it for?

This Platform has been made for anyone and everyone who assists with POSH Compliance and for creating a safer, healthier and more conducive workplace. Its ideal for:

  1. Internal Committee (IC) Members 
  2. Human Resources Managers
  3. Learning & Development Managers 
  4. Legal & COmpliance Managers
  5. Management 
  6. Leaders

What is it FOR?

  1. Attending & Engaging on Programs to find solutions for your Workplaces
  2. Building a Network
  3. Discussing on challenges faced and finding practical solutions.
  4. Building best practices
  5. Hosting programs on topics or sharing ideas so that programs can be conducted on topics that need attention
  6. Getting support on legal and other queries 

This platform shall also be used for free discussions as well as discussing varied perspectives, experiences and opinions. In exchange, we all would need to ensure that we respect all views.

Why should you be a part of this?

It’s a one of a kind initiative to (1) Ensure open discussion (2) Collaborative learning (3) Provide a support system / community. Join in Now to be a Part of the Solution in Future!